Brands That Delight (And Why)

At his keynote speech at Inbound 2018, Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan presented his new marketing flywheel, a new approach to marketing that puts the customer at the center of every process. According to this new marketing model, as professional marketers and...

Editing Apps for Writers

I am a writer and editor at heart. Writing is a tough job, though. It can be a thankless task and at times frustrating, especially when the dreaded writers’ block hits. And some editors can be ruthless – delighting in marking up a writer’s handiwork with an...

The Art of Networking

You’re standing in the corner of a large room, watching a bunch of strangers mix and mingle, handing out business cards and utilizing their seemingly perfect social skills as they make their circle of contacts laugh and nod their heads in appreciation for whatever witty or inspiring comment they’ve just made. Meanwhile you are the lone wallflower, stirring your drink and wondering when you can go home…

3 Elements of a Good Content Strategy That Are Too Often Forgotten

Shaping your content strategy can be a fun challenge. There is so much to think about, and a lot of the concepts overlap with other aspects of your business. However, there are a few elements that are often forgotten, and these neglected pieces are crucial for leveraging your content to its fullest potential.

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