What is Cloud Nine Marketing?

Founded by Holly Vanderwal, a bilingual marketing consultant, C9M uses inbound methodology to generate and nurture leads, ultimately increasing revenue. By focusing on an overall content marketing strategy, Holly can create and implement a successful plan, weaving all the customer-facing elements together to create a consistent brand voice and leverage all content to the fullest.


I like to work closely with clients to design and implement marketing plans tailored to their specific needs. After having managed a variety of international projects, I understand the importance of data-driven strategies, constant analysis and evaluation to ensure daily marketing tasks align with the ultimate business goals of my clients’ organizations.

Content Strategy


Email Marketing

Social Media

Using email marketing, blogging and social media to achieve your lead generation and customer conversion goals, the ultimate goal is to save you time, make you money, and keep you on Cloud Nine.

“It’s not the point of communication to make yourself sound smarter; it’s about making yourself clearer so you can get what you want.”

– Mary Groves, via Entrepreneur.com

Behind Cloud Nine

My international marketing career has taken me from Madrid to New York City and now to Greenville, SC, with experience spanning from start-ups to global publishing corporations.

In 2016 I moved to Greenville, SC, and founded Cloud Nine Marketing in 2016 as a means of offering my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to small businesses as a bilingual marketing consultant. I admire the courage, commitment and passion of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Because the very people I admire are often made responsible for components outside of their expertise, I jump at the opportunity to provide my services as a consultant, working side-by-side with companies to achieve their goals by providing my content marketing skill set.

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